Twilight Rabbit Tarot: Major Arcana II “The High Priestess”

Planetary Trump of the Moon. Gatekeeper of the path of Kether to Tiphareth. The hunter of hearts has turned her bow into a harp, the arrow beside her unused but not unforgotten. Kneels at the edge of the shore reading the partially obscured scroll (hidden knowledge). Wears the crown of Diana. The palms represent the masculine and feminine, the night sky full of stars shrouding the darkness behind them. The water evaporates to descend later for the Hanged Hair. The power of feminine energy. If the Magician is master of light, The High Priestess is the master of depth. Her waters run throughout the deck. Meaning: Time to look deeper, below the surface. Think of the real or hidden purpose or meaning behind why things are the way they are. Trust your gut feelings. Reversed: if this card is ill-dignified by being placed in a position of fire or masculine energy, her freedoms are being oppressed, her feminine powers will be overlooked or dismissed outright.

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