Twilight Rabbit Tarot: Major Arcana III “The Empress”

Planetary Trump of Venus. Gatekeeper of the path between Chokmah to Binah. Image is based off of Botticelli’s Birth of Venus. She was born on a seashell and wears a garter to entrance men. She cradles the egg of the Universe (potential) as though she were a teenager holding a bag of flour, not really a mother to be, just enchanted by the idea of motherhood as if it were a hobby and not a real responsibility. But she is a mature woman, and her stance belies her immaturity in thought. Elements of Venus are both air and earth, this is the only card where you can take a thought and make it reality with ease. Meaning: Someone thinking about creation, either of a new venture or of a new human life depending on what other cards dignify. If ill-dignified, could mean an unwanted pregnancy or thrown suddenly into responsibilities that have been taken too lightly.

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