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You Want to Make a Wand

Dubleve Wands has been my most successful product line to date. They’re each one-of-a-kind, personalised, have character, and spark the imagination.

I was encouraged by my fellow members at KW Artists Co-op to pursue them, and I decided to focus on them more than ever in 2018. A new direction for them has also been proposed to me not only from my co-op but from other friends and organisers.

Right now I’m working out the logistics and the how to get others making wands the way I do in a program format.
The first soft launch I’m going to do will be with Open Streets for the City of Waterloo July 15th 12pm-5pm. The theme for Open Streets this day is Cosplay. It won’t be a strong tutorial program; but it will allow you the opportunity to decorate a wand, make a charm, and take them both home in a box with you.

I’ll have enough materials to make a hundred wands. That’s ten an hour if they last that long at my booth. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m working on a good weather draught.

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