Twilight Rabbit: Major Arcana IV “The Emperor”

Zodiacal Trump of Aries. Gatekeeper between Chokmah and Tiphareth. Image is based off of Odin by Edward Burne-Jones. The immense heat of the season has dried the plants and created a haze. The king comes up with strategies from his throne after he becomes aware of the news of the day and tomorrows projections (Hugin and Munin his crows). This character’s advice is well sought and respected as an expert in his field. Meaning: When dignified represents a father-figure (or a female paternal-replacement figure with fiery/Aries qualities) who is in your life who you were thinking of going to for advice or who has offered advice. When ill-dignified the figure is withdrawn or fatigued. When reversed the character could be overbearing or misogynistic, giving advice that isn’t welcome or sexist overtones.

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