Twilight Rabbit Tarot: Major Arcana V “The Hareophant”

Zodiacal Trump of Taurus. Gatekeeper between Chokmah and Chesed. The Hareophant is a pun on the Hierophant who interprets ancient symbolism and practices. He represents the connection of the soul to the body and the inner conscience (the red five petal rose and the white cross). On his vestige is a gold key and a silver key. The gold key unlocks the four elements and the path of light and depth (mastery of the aces and the path of the Magician and the path of the High Priestess). In the BOTA deck, the silver key does something else. In this deck, the silver key appears again on the Sun card as the tip of rabbit’s arrow. Behind the Hareophant are two stained-glass windows. One represents the Sun card and the other (not the Moon card but rather) the headdress of Diana on the High Priestess. The veiled curtains represent the hidden mysteries the High Priestess is privy to.
Meaning: Time to listen to the good advice you’ve been giving yourself that you’ve been ignoring. Time to reflect on your morality and legacy and check your alignment. What puts your spirit at ease. In reverse could represent a delve into physical pleasures and temporary happiness in the form of therapy shopping. Ill-dignified the character is self-centered and cannot grasp there’s a relationship between the inner emotional spirit of themself and the outer world.

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