2023 Festivals

I’m looking into festivals, faires, events, etc. for Dubleve Wands in 2023. Here’s where you can have a sneak peak at what I’m looking at. I’ll keep editing this to update the list.

Saturday-Monday August 5th, 6th, 7th: The Ontario Pirate Festival, Guelph (confirmed)
Saturday September 16th: Royal Medieval Faire, Waterloo
Saturday October 14th & Sunday October 15th: Oxford Renaissance Festival, Dorchester (confirmed)
Saturday October 21st: Witchy Market, Waterloo

That is all. It’s two more festivals than I attended last year. And one of them is breaking one of my rules where I attend a festival before I vend at it. Attend before I vend. But I heard people were looking for me at the festival and I wasn’t there. So that won’t do. I’m trusting my wares must be a good fit.

I will apply to all of these and run one of them (Witchy Market) and hopefully I and my fellow vendors will have a fantastic festival season. Huzzah!

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