Art Swap 2022

From now until the cut off for submission, you can drop off tired art you no longer love looking at. Bring it to the store for ticket(s) you can trade for new-to-you art.

Let’s face it, we’ve been staring at the same four walls for so long now, we could all use something else to look at. Let’s destigmatize recycling art and brighten up our homes with something fresh to gaze upon.

The cut off for dropping of art pieces in good condition is Thursday February third at five o’clock. It can be any kind of art, but we recommend you hold off donating art supplies or hand crafted items at this time. There will be a Craft Swap in a few months, and those items will be better donated later for that event.


Once you drop off art and have your ticket(s), you can trade for a new piece(s) during the Swap event weekend. Dates and times are as follows: Friday February fourth from seven o’clock in the evening to nine o’clock at night, Saturday February fifth from ten in the morning to five in the afternoon, and Sunday February sixth from ten in the morning to five in the afternoon.

Art can be in a frame, or not, a print, an original, illustration, painting (oil, acrylic, including fabric textiles and thread painting), quilts, macramé wall hangings, photographs, etc. If it can hang on a wall, it can be submitted. A second category of art open at this time is artistic home décor and fine sculpture including art dolls. A third category of art open for this time is jewelry: fashion, beaded, semi-precious stones, precious metals.

What will not be accepted re: art at this time are: toys, clothes, bags, blankets, table cloths, pillows, books, costume jewelry, etc. These items will be accepted at the future craft swap.

The reason I like swapping things is we don’t have to secretly throw something away we know has some value another person may recognize and appreciate more than ourselves. It keeps items from going into landfills and extends the value of these pieces.

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