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New Wand Prices Sept 1st

September 1st, the retail price of Dubleve Wands will increase. Now is the time to buy a wand you’ve had your eye on. Don’t delay.
The prices are not increasing arbitrarily. I calculate time into the cost of the wands. I don’t get paid for making them until the wands are sold. Minimum wage in Canada went up January 1st 2018. If I leave the prices as they are, I’d be making less than the new minimum. I didn’t increase prices back in January because I make most of my wands in July and August.
My inventory dwindled very low this year and I’ve been steadily working on new wands. I’m standing behind the promise I made last year and prices will not increase until September 1st. This has been a notice to inform and remind. Thank you for your interest and continued patronage. I will continue to offer prices as low as I can to remain competitive and funded.

The new prices will be as follows:
Charming approx. 8.5″l-10.75″l
$20.99CAD (currently $16.99CAD)
Transfiguring approx. 11″l-12.75″l
$24.99CAD (currently $19.99CAD)
Dueling approx. 13″l-14.75″l
$28.99CAD (currently $22.99CAD)
Philosopher shorter lengths, thicker diameter
$29.99CAD (currently $23.99CAD)
Alchemist longer lengths, thinner diameter
$34.99CAD (currently $27.99CAD)
Lord approx 16.5″l-18.75″l
$36.99CAD (currently $29.99CAD)

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