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New Twilight Rabbit Gallery

I’m finally writing down the simplified version of all of my Twilight Rabbit Tarot cards’ meanings. My website makes creating an image gallery for this purpose rather easy to manage it. From there, I will try and turn that information, a little bit more padded out, into a proper book

It’s almost eleven years since the deck’s first publication. It’s about time it gets a manual.

The first step is the Major Arcana. After that, I will tackle one Suit at a time. And finally the Court Cards. I’ll be uploading after each stage, so that way you won’t have to wait to see the entire deck. I’ll keep you all posted how the progress is coming along. Right now, I’ve updated “The Empress” card III; so that’s four cards in (including card 0). There are 22 cards in the Major Arcana, so it will be a few weeks before the gallery is ready to post. In the meantime, I’ll check in once a week or so to say where I’m at.

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Magical Yule Sale

One Day Only!!
Sunday December 8th
Dubleve Wands and Dunraven Designs
142 Waterloo St
the Basement, Right Side Entrance
Waterloo ON N2J 1Y2

Harry Potter themed Yule Sale
Free HP cookies and hot chocolate.
Pay no taxes, no store commission, support artists, shop local.

Also check out the Yule Market upstairs on the second floor. KW Artists Co-op is having their market the same day.

See you there 🙂

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Closed for Training

The Grand Opening Weekend was amazing. Thank you everyone for coming by and making it such a joy to open this storefront for you all. I’m so happy 🥰

Just an FYI, physical shop is closed Mon Oct 21 2019 for training. Open on Tuesday night for ticket holders for Make You’re Own Wands. And open again business as usual Wednesday 8am-12Noon when regular hours resume. Online will remain open.

See you soon!

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Grand Opening

Today is the store’s grand opening and I hit the ground running. Lots of traffic; so more on that when I have the time.

Just taking a moment to say I have wands in the physical shop that aren’t online yet and they’re selling fast! I’m running a raffle this weekend. The physical shop is offering coffee from the Mended Cauldron Café opening inside Dubleve Wands. And I’m running a raffle on some Harry Potter collectibles including a gift voucher for a Dubleve Lord Wand!

Come visit us at our new location: 142 Waterloo St Waterloo ON N2J 1Y2

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Shop Moving Update

I completely moved everything out of my space at the K-W Artist Co-op today and all of it is now in my new shop space downstairs in the same building. So close to opening day. Less than a week. All the feels.

I also moved my fabrics out of my barrister bookcases in my sewing room at home tonight. The bookcases will be coming to the shop early next week. Everything will be stored and displayed properly in the new space.

A sideboard is being delivered to the shop tomorrow and I’m going to use it as a dry sink. A dry sink is what existed before plumbing. I picked up a complimenting pitcher and bowl today for washing up cups and mugs so I can serve coffee and tea in the new space.

No one has signed up for the wand making courses I’m offering yet. I don’t know why. If no one signs up, I’ll turn the events into something else for October. So if you were interested in making wands, but decided not to take the course, share with me what held you back; so I can improve my offering.

If you were planning on signing up for and attending the course and haven’t bought tickets yet, do so please; or I have no idea there’s interest in the course I’m offering.

Bedtime for this witch. Goodnight.

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Opening Day and Wand Classes

Store will officially open October 1st. Yaaaaayyy!!!!!

7-142 Waterloo St Waterloo Ontario N2J 1Y2

More news on details about the first week celebrations soon.

Ahem. Also…

Wand making classes will start on October 1st. Registration for classes will open September 3rd. You’ll need to be available Tuesday nights in October from 7pm-9pm. Only 8 students max per course.

You can sign up to make 1 wand for $50.00, 2 wands for $85, or 3 wands for $120.00. Tickets:

Only 4 classes needed to make your wand(s). I’ll be teaching my wave of wands bulk crafting technique.

There’s a fifth Tuesday in October, in case you have to miss one of the 4 regular Tuesday classes, you can take the make up class on Oct 29. You won’t have your wands ready for Halloween if you miss more than one class.

No homework. All materials and tools provided.

Your wands will be ready for pickup after final curing on October 24th. If you need to take the makeup class on Oct 29th, pickup after final curing available on October 31st.

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Summer and Fall Events

August 17 Noon-6:00pm is the Witchy Market hosted by KW Artists Co-op.
142 Waterloo St
Waterloo ON N2J 1Y2
Check out the Facebook Event Page for more magical details:

September 21 11:00am-6:00pm is the Royal Medieval Faire.
Waterloo Park West
Waterloo ON
Here’s their fantastical website:

Early October, I will be offering updated hours when the shop will be open to the public… in a larger, more immersive, themed space!!

October 19 10:00am-5:00pm and October 20 Noon-5:00pm is the K-W Central Artwalk, and the new Dubleve Wands space will be in full swing by then. In the same building as the KW Artists Co-op, through a side entrance, down a short set of stairs; you’ll find a timeless wand shop and artist studio.
The website for the K-W Central Artwalk is here: