Shop Moving Update

I completely moved everything out of my space at the K-W Artist Co-op today and all of it is now in my new shop space downstairs in the same building. So close to opening day. Less than a week. All the feels.

I also moved my fabrics out of my barrister bookcases in my sewing room at home tonight. The bookcases will be coming to the shop early next week. Everything will be stored and displayed properly in the new space.

A sideboard is being delivered to the shop tomorrow and I’m going to use it as a dry sink. A dry sink is what existed before plumbing. I picked up a complimenting pitcher and bowl today for washing up cups and mugs so I can serve coffee and tea in the new space.

No one has signed up for the wand making courses I’m offering yet. I don’t know why. If no one signs up, I’ll turn the events into something else for October. So if you were interested in making wands, but decided not to take the course, share with me what held you back; so I can improve my offering.

If you were planning on signing up for and attending the course and haven’t bought tickets yet, do so please; or I have no idea there’s interest in the course I’m offering.

Bedtime for this witch. Goodnight.

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