Shop Update Forthcoming

New wands are on the way!! I realize I have not been a good little wyrd* when it comes to keeping this website’s shop up to date with the latest wands and designs. So far, I have removed the old wands that are sold. All are one of a kind unique and individual, just like you and me.

Posting all of my stock online is an arduous task, but I am up to the challenge. I have already created several listings that will go live midnight February 1st. Dozens more to go.

What makes this task daunting you ask? All of the images I have to take, edit, post, while sorting them the whole time. After awhile, all of the images become a blur. It’s important to keep the sku with all of them. I take at least four images of each wand. Uploading to the site, and creating a gallery for each wand. It’s repetitive and I’m and easily distracted individual.

The other reason I haven’t been keeping up to date with it is they sell so quickly. I removed so many wands from the site that didn’t feel like they were even online very long. It can make it all seem impossible.

What I’ve been doing is taking a new wave of wands to festivals first. They sell faster in person than they ever do online. The wands that didn’t sell at market I post online… eventually.

Those wands come with me to festival again, and they sell quickly at festival, and I have to remove them from the website before we all know it.

But, I know I have online fans who can’t make it out to festival. My resolution to you all is, this year, I will be on top of the website inventory of wands. I will post what I have in stock and remove what sells in as immediate a manner as can physically happen. My removal of festival sold wands from the site has sped up significantly this year. Now I just have to get more on top of the posting of the new and existing to the site. Knowing the online inventory is fresh and in stock will help you all shop more assuredly online.

Expect many new wands to appear here soon. Ugh, so many photos to take. Offer encouragement, wish me luck. I’ll likely mention some of this on social media closer to the first of February. My sincerest of apologies for not being on top of this prior. I feel like I’ve let down you and the brand. No more.

I’m doing this because you’re worth it. Ta-ra!

*I identify as non-binary and I’m not fond of the gender binary of witch or wizard. I like wyrd as in wyrd sisters. Because it’s an adjective and not a noun, I want to nounify and use it in this way. It has origins going back to the name (Urd) one of the Norns (fates) in Norse Mythology. Wyrd’s original meaning is one of destiny and today is connected with the supernatural (weird). Do you love the etymology of words as much as I do?

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