Wand Making for Kids

Next class will be available in October 18th 2023.

$80 per person (aged 9+) per class and you can take home a magic wand of your very own! These are the same type of wands you may have seen in the physical shop and here online. They are a wonderful cosplay prop with the magical core “spilling” out of the wand.
This is an immersive experience.
You will be led by Instructor Jynx Rabbitpaw in the art of wand making with some discussion about the various properties of the magical ingredients and the mythical creatures they come from. You can take what you learn from the course and make your own wands at home. The course includes: A prepared wooden stick (dried, oiled, sealed), printed instructions, magical core (and adhesives to make them stick), potion labels (to decorate bottles at home!), fabric to decorate your wand handle, a charm (all wands have a link in the butt of the handle to affix a charm to), wand registration form, colouring pages, a wand box to decorate.

The class will begin with health and safety and accessibility overview. You will be provided aprons, but note if you come in costume, and your clothes become stained or dirty, we are not responsible for any damage incurred by participating in this class.


q: Can I request a certain type of wood or length for my wand?
a: Yes, we will do our best to accommodate your request and if we cannot meet it, we will let you know. If we cannot find the wood or length you’re are looking for, we may make some other recommendations. You can decide if you wish to continue with the Wand Making class or not if we cannot meet your requirements.

q: Can I make my wand from a stick I find on the ground?
a: If you wish to do that, you’ll need to bring your stick to the shop in advance of the class; so that it can be properly treated and sealed (prepped) before the class starts. All sticks at the beginning of class should already be cleaned, waxed, and sealed with the butt of the handle ready to go with a link to hold your charm. Part of why these classes can now exist is because prep work will have been completed for you before class begins. Wands normally require a lot of curing time between steps, days worth.

q: Can I take my wand home with me at the end of the wand making class?
a: Yes, because most of the curing time is taken care of prior to the class, you will be able to take your wand home at the end of the class.

q: Will my clothes get dirty/stained?
a: That is a possibility. I often leave the shop with stains on my sleeves from paints. Wear something you don’t mind getting paint on that will never come off. If you come in a costume and it becomes stained, we will accept no responsibility. You have been warned. This will also be included in class orientation. We do provide aprons.

q: Do we have to follow the instruction sheet exactly?
a: It is recommended you follow an instruction sheet provided, but if you wish to try something different, ask the instructor for the best way to go about it.

q: Can I make a wand at home?
a: You can certainly make a wand at home. I have been making wands since 2009 and have come up with several tips and tricks to make my wands unique and beloved and I’m happy to share that information with you. We do not have a Wand Making kit available at this time for take home; we are in the works to make an at home Wand Making craft kit available for sale. We always have dozens of wands on display for sale in the shop.

q: Can I book a private class?
a: Yes, we are available for private booking of Potion Making and Wand Making classes. Contact us via our portal here.

q: Do wands come with boxes?
a: Yes, every wand is supplied with a storage box you can write it’s unique stats onto. You can take the wand and the box home with you.

q: Does the wand class include a charm?
a: Yes, the Wand Making course includes one charm you can use to further personalize and enhance your wand. All Dubleve Wands are made with a link in the butt of the handle you can affix your charm to with a clasp.

q: Can I make a custom charm?
a: Yes, the Potion Making class affords you the opportunity to make your own simple custom charm to attach to your wand. Or you can choose from one of the many charms we already have available on display.

q: Can I get hurt during the class?
a: We will be using hot glue and glue guns that can get as hot at 300 degrees Fahrenheit or 148 degrees Celsius. Therefore there is a possibility of small and serious burns if one is not dexterous or careful enough. If we do our job right, no one should get hurt. If you feel unsteady or unsure, you can always ask the instructor to take over a particular application for you. There will also be a first aid kit, sink with cold water, and a health and safety orientation before the class begins. The small class size of only four students at a time will help mitigate the risk immensely.

If you have a question not covered here, feel free to comment below.

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