Festivals and Classes

We will not be at a festival until the Ontario Pirate Festival (Piratefest) this August. Instead, the shop will be focusing on providing the classes the public has been asking for. As you can see from the right column on our site, links are up to find out more about the Potion Making and Wand Making classes. You can attend as many of these classes as you like. Each class provides you with one wand and one potion to take home. I’m really excited to finally be able to offer classes to the public. It’s been a long road.

I will, as I always do, be wearing a mask while I instruct. Students of these classes are not obliged to do the same. But if you wish to ensure a class you attend is masked, I can help to accommodate that.

I also have some vendors already signing up for this years Witchy Market. It will once again be at the Albert McCormick Community Centre in North Waterloo. This time I’m also booking the room next door for private readings, so it will be nice and quiet in there. Everyone had a blast last year and it feels really good to say the market is coming back by popular demand.

There is also an outcry that Kitchener-Waterloo needs more fantasy themed markets. I’m in talks to try and make one happen in the Spring of 2024. I’ll be very happy to announce more details on that as we continue to scheme away. If you want to be part of the conversation, please comment on this post any ideas you have about us doing a fantasy market locally.

I think I will only plan two a year myself. The Witchy Market in October seems to be a hit. A fantasy market in Spring (hopefully outside, but possibly still indoors) is an exciting prospect. I’m looking at May. And classes during the hotter months held in my lovely cool basement shop are just going to be a simple joy to offer.

If you have any thoughts or concerns about where Dubleve Wands is headed in the future, and if you’d like to tag along for the ride, please share your thoughts with me. Would love to hear your feedback.

Have a magical day, all.

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